Zester the Unlikely was one of Dan Hamming's friends, he is 18 years old  , in the 1st episode of Dan Hamming it is reveald that Zester the Unlikely hacked into Dan Hamming's  email account   he read everything in it especially his bank account.  He is also friends with Dr. Hector. He has known about Dan Hamming before Dan Hamming known about him since he read his email account. He has his own short videos .


  • He once had to go to the hostpital once since in the episode Dan Hamming Goes to Dead Man's Bluff, Zester once tried to  slide down a very dangerous mountain called Dead Man's Bluff   he went there with Dan Hamming and Dr. Hector, In the next video it was reveald that Zester the Unlikely and Dr. Hector went to the hostpital for getting hurt.
  • He maybe a parody of Lester the Unlikley , a video game character based on the same name which was made in 1993 for the SNES. Zester the Unlikley could proabably be based on him because they both have hoodies, they both are teenagers, they both have ester in there names, and they both have the Unlikely in ther names.
  • His name use to be Zester the Test Passer.


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