WarrenCook RealVHS
WarrenCook RealVHS' profile pic (featuring what many consider to be Warren's avatar)
Vital statistics
Position GoAnimate grounded video maker, Internet troll, Warren Cook Impersonator
Age  ??
Status Inactive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
WarrenCook RealVHS (not to be confused with Warren Cook) is a GoAnimate grounded video maker and internet troll hated by most users within the grounded video community. Some people who claim to be "good users" view this user as the real Warren Cook (in reality, this user's a Warren impersonator). On August of 2014, GoAnimate user Tigrus879 convinced user Momogowi to believe that WarrenCook RealVHS wasn't infact, the real Warren. Tigrus879 succeeded in doing so.


This Warren impersonator joined GoAnimate sometime in June of 2013, but inexplicably departed a few weeks later. Although he left GoAnimate for a while, he decided to join YouTube on December of 2013. His first videos were fake VHS openings and Grand Chase videos (since this user was also a fan of the South Korean game, Grand Chase). WarrenCook RealVHS also included other users into his videos such as GrandChase RealCook, Lothos GrandChase, BobbyPoopyGuy, Osomatsukun's Land, and Dan Hamming (who's videos are all similar to WarrenCook RealVHS' to the point where some of their videos feature the same characters). As a result, the "good users" began to harass this user since WarrenCook RealVHS trolled users such as Phillip Psareas and OptimusPrimeYes MegatronNo.

Pieces of evidence that this user might not be the real Warren Cook

These two users (Warren Cook and WarrenCook RealVHS) have distinct differences between each other:

  • This Warren impersonator likes Grand Chase; the real Warren Cook possibly likes Godzilla, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut
  • WarrenCook RealVHS can't fluently speak English; the real one can (for his age)
  • The Real Warren hates Nerry Marin (for obvious reasons); this one could care less about him
  • This Warren is a troll; the real one doesn't troll anymore
  • All of WarrenCook RealVHS' videos feature identical-looking characters to those from GrandChase RealCook's; the real Warren Cook doesn't even use GoAnimate anymore
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