Tigrus323 is a Tigrus charecter that found Go!animate on Febuary 2014,His account released on March 2014 started as "Jettyboy".He got Go!plus on July 2014,Started youtube on the same month,and left youtube on September 2 2014.His buddies are Jacob630,Tigrus879,Etc.He will apreer on the new Tigrus879 Movie(Which for now is still getting made).Sadly,on April 2015,he found a new animation called 'Zimmer Twins'(His account is Furry1831)so he decided he will became not as active as normal.On July 2015(When his Go!Plus expires)He'll leave Go!Animate altogether to focus on his Zimmer Twins videos. Now his vids are on ZT! Do go there! :) :) :) :) :) :)




Good Users

Neatrul Users

Shows made from:Disney,Nickelodeon,Disney XD And More.


Anything made from L. Pichon.


Baby Shows(Maybe Barney)

Bad Users


Caleb(Only when making BACK videos)

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