The Thomas Show
Film information

Directed by

Jack Deakin

Produced by

John Lee

Music by

Kevin MacLoed


Bradley Joshua

Editing by

Windows Movie Maker (Series 1-3)

Adobe Premeire Pro (Series 4-present)


LID Entertainment (2009)

Brambly Studios (2011-present)

Distributed by

Ugmo Inc.(2009)

The Moon Productions (2011)

The Buzz Productions (2013-present)

Release Date(s)

14 September 2009 - present

Running time

15 minutes (Series 1-2) 20 minutes (Series 3-present)



Preceded by

Thomas' School Adventures

See also
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The Thomas Show is a 15/20 minute comedy TV show created by Jack Deakin from The Buzz Productions & Brambly Studios, it was aired on 2009 on GoAnimate Channel in the UK and Ireland.

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