The Jessica Andrews Show is A Canadian-American-British Animated Comedy Television Series Created By DeVario Lopez, and it is Produced By Sichoassdown Productions With Animation Produced By Pipeline Studios and Directed by Awesomeness Pictures, The Show Premiered On February 25 2016 and it ended on December 30, 2016, It aired on Discovery Family in the US, TVO in Canada, and Disney Channel in UK and Australia. It is rated TV-Y7 in US, and it was rated in PG in UK.

Main Characters Edit

  • Jessica Andrews, The titular "Mean Big Sister" And Guitar Player in Brattitude.
  • Ashley Andrews, Jessica's younger sister.
  • Kate Andrews, Jessica's mother. She is voiced by Kate and due to the Kate voice's temporary removal, was voiced by Jennifer in "New Beginnings". 
  • Jerry Andrews, Jessica's father. He is voiced by Stephen but in "New Beginnings", he was voiced by Eric because the Stephen voice was temporarily removed.
  • Nathaniel Andrews - Jessica and Ashley's baby brother who is born in season 2.
  • Heather Campbell - A friend of Amber, Jessica, and Julie who reformed in season 2. Her parents are named Lisa and Frank and she has three older brothers named Tyler, Justin and Joey. She is the bass guitar in Brattitude.
  • Amber Larson - Jessica's friend. Her parents are named Emily and Stan and she has an older sister named Mandy. She reformed in "Amber Comes Around" and is the lead singer in Brattitude.
  • Kyle Hershowitz - Jessica's other nemesis. He has an older brother named Glenn. His mom's name is Sarah and his father's name is James, but their names were never revealed in the series.
  • Nicole Phillips - Another one of Jessica's enemies replacing Amber. She is the daughter of Connie Phillips and eldest sister of Janet and Vanessa Phillips.

Recurring Characters Edit

  • Jason Ranford - Jessica's love interest. He is two grades above Jessica.
  • Frank Campbell - The father of Heather and her brothers and Jerry's best friend.
  • Mark MacAllister - Kate's older brother and Jessica's maternal uncle.
  • Becky MacAllister - Mark's wife and Jessica's maternal aunt.
  • Roxanne MacAllister - Mark and Becky's 14-year old daughter and Jessica, Ashley, And Nathaniel's cousin.
  • Emily Larson - Amber’s mother and Ashley’s preschool teacher
  • Jack MacAllister - Mark and Becky's 5-year-old son and Jessica, Ashley, And Nathaniel's Cousin. He is also Roxanne's little brother.
  • Julie Harris, Jessica's best friend. She moved out of town in "New Beginnings" and was voiced by Salli in that episode due to the Julie voice being temporarily removed.
  • Samantha Hudson - A little girl who is an amazing dancer. Though her name is never revealed, fans give her the name Samantha Hudson. The name is considered to be used by fans.