The GoAnimate V3 Wiki
2014-08-07 161026
Like GoAnimate Wiki, this wiki's logo consists of plain, blue text
Some attributes
First Founded in August 2014
Second Founded by popular GoAnimate user Rockstar Animations (in response to controversies surrounding GoAnimate Wiki and GoAnimate V2 Wiki)
Third This wiki (besides WikiAnimate) is the first GoAnimate Wiki to cover topics other than grounded videos
Other attributes
Fourth Like Tburp's GoAnimate V3 Wiki and the Tigrus879 GoAnimate Wiki, this site only has three pages
The GoAnimate V3 Wiki (not to be confused with Tburp's GoAnimate V3 Wiki) is a GoAnimate Wiki founded by popular GoAnimate user Rockstar Animations. Both this site and Tigrus879's WikiAnimate are the first GoAnimate wikis to cover topics other than mainly grounded videos.


This wiki so far, only has 3 pages (like Tburp's GoAnimate V3 Wiki and Tigrus879's Tigrus879 GoAnimate Wiki). The pages are as follows: Alvin Hung, a page about a discontinued GoAnimate theme, and the main page. Someday, Tigrus879 and other users might add pages/photos/videos to this wiki.

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