Sonc has a slumber party with Amy and his friends and CJ Mo gets grounded for disrupting it with his slumber party.


(Troublemakers And Good Guys)

Salli As Sonic/Jessica/Nicole

Princess As Amy Rose/Amber

Joey As Jason Ranford

Julie As Sticks/Julie Harris

Ivy As Ashley Andrews/Ivy Collins

Kayla As Heather Cambell

French Fry As CJ Mo

Veena As Princess Courtney

Paul As Knuckles

Kate As Tails(Tails is voiced by actress Coleen O'Shaughnessey)


Kayla as Connie Phillips

Jennifer as Sunset Shimmer

Salli as Iris

Princess as Siren Phillips

Catherine as Rarity

Diesel As Patrick Star

Steven As Taro Yamada


Sonic: Hey Amy.

Amy Rose: Yes Sonic?

Sonic: Can we please have a slumber party? Cause I am super bored.

Amy Rose: Yes. Because Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks did not have enough money to bring us to Great Wolf Lodge, so we can have a slumber party. First we must buy some stuff for the party.

(At the store.)

Cream: Hello. Welcome to Walmart. How can I help you?

Sonic: This is the list of the stuff we need. (The list says Pizza, Soda, Juice, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, DJ Studio, Wii Games, Wii U Games, 3DS Games, Carrie On Blu-Ray, and Movies rated G, PG, and PG-13.)

Cream: Ok. Her you go. (She gives them the stuff on the list.) That'll be 30 dollars. We're having a sale where everything is 99% off today.

Amy Rose: Thank you.

Cream: You're welcome. Have a good day.

(At home.)

Sonic: Ok. We have everything.

Amy Rose: Now we can set up for the party.

(2 1/2 hours later.)

Sonic: Now everything is ready. Let's make our guest list.

(The names on the list are: Jessica andrews, Jason Ranford, Julie Harris, Heather Cambell, The Teen Titans, Ravager, Terra, The Hive, Eric And Crystal Smith, Dylan McCarthy, Emily Movolvoski, Dora, Oobi, Joey and Ivy Collins, Kayla Moore, Oobi, Lilo, and Stitch. They later called their friends over. CJ Mo overheard them.)

CJ: I will have a slumber party and disrupt them. (On phone.) Hey Nicole. Let's have a slumber party at my house.

Nicole: A slumber party. Ok. My mom is at The Great wolf Lodge. I'll be right over.

(At Sonic's house: the guests have arrived and the party was all set up.)

Sonic: All right. Everyone is here. Here is our activity list. (The list says Video Games, Snack Time, Movie Fun, Hang Out, Jokes And Puns Time, Dance Party, Hang Out Again, Sleep, and Breakfast Time.)

Then Sonic and his friends went to the simulator room, and then they went in. Sonic's friends seated in the chairs. Courtney began to host.

Courtney: Welcome to the gaming room. This is where you can play Wii or Wii U and Sonic has a lot of games that he brought, so he will call out the game name and you guys can vote. Take it away, Sonic! 

Then Sonic came off his seat.

Sonic: Okay, Courtney! (to the others) Who wanted to play Super Smash Bros on the Wii U? 

Jessica: Me!

Amy Rose: Me!

Amber: Me!

Heather: Me!

Even Ivy was excited. 

Ivy: I love to play that game!

Heather: Me too! 

Jessica: Me three!

Amber: And also me!

Sonic: Okay, all of you guys want to play that game, let's play it!

Jessica: I'll play Peach. 

Heather: I'll be Zelda. 

Julie: I'll be Palutena. 

Courtney: I'll be Zero Suit Samus.