Sonhomas gets grounded
Film information

Directed by

Thomas Saunders

Produced by

Jack Deakin

Music by



GoAnimate Full Video Maker

Distributed by

Wizkid1555 Productions and Actual Reality Studios (2014-2015)

Zodiak DHX Distribution and JERK Studios (2018)

Running time

1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 minutes



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Sonhomas gets grounded (also known as Sonhomas for short in USA) is a British-American grounded and family adventures video animation about a 17 year old boy called Sonhomas getting grounded by his family, from his creator of Thomas' Shorts, the explain about his stories aired on the UK on CBBC & Cartoon Network in 2014, and the US on Discovery Channel and GoAnimate Network in 2015, the original aired in 2014 and 2015, the reboot airs in 2018.

Creating Animation Edit

in 2012, Wizkid has created his GoAnimate to make his basic videos for his own ideas, Genie Productions decide to make a grounded video pilot but it got unreleased.

in 2013, Wizkid started to create movies from he 1990s and 2000s from every delivering to cinemas, Sonhomas growls at Thomas was unreleased as well,

in 2014, Wizkid makes a grounded video out of 17 year old boy called Sonhomas and the TV show will gave up for 100 pounds for the opening, but Wizkid is not a GoAnimate Fanboy because he's good animator.

Award Winner Edit

in 2016, Sonhomas puts the Tide in the microwave won the BAFTA award (not real) for a fact to make a good animator for Wizkid, GoAnimate is becoming the greatest.