Sonic The Hedgehog And Jessica Andrews Ground Spyro Villains/Ungrounded

Ripto Grounds Blue and Gets Grounded

Ripto Hangs Out With Malefor and Gets Grounded

Spyro Villains Cuss In Class/Grounded

Gnasty Gnorc Gets in Dead Meat

Ripto Rants on Barney And Friends/Grounded

Ripto Pushes Cream Off the Rooftop/Grounded

Malefor Pushes Sonic Off The Rooftop/Grounded

Ripto Beats Up Sonic And Allison/Grounded

Cortex Beats Up Sonic The Hedgehog And Jessica Andrews/Grounded

Ripto, Kalos, And Gnasty Gnorc Call Baby Violetta Von Rose Stupid/Grounded

Nefarious Tropy Misbehaves At The Sherlock Gnomes Movie

Tiny, Crush, Gulp and Dingodile Swear In Class(Grounded)

Cortex Puts A Barney Error on Uka Uka's Computer/Kills Him/Grounded

Cortex, N Tropy, N Gin and N Brio Cuss In Class(Grounded)

Cortex, Ripto, N Gin and Kaos Cuss In Class(Grounded)

Cortex Misbehaves on Moving Day / Grounded(Similar by AGK Misbehaves on Moving Day/Grounded)

Sonic Gets A New Voice/Ripto Gets Grounded

Malefor Calls Violetta's Baby Sister And Brother Stupid/Grounded

Violetta Babysits Her Brother And Sister/Ungrounded/N Gin Gets Arrested


Simon as Crush/Gulp/Tiny Tiger

Lawrence as Dr Nitrus Brio And Dingodile

Steven as Dr. Neo Cortex/Jerry Andrews

Young Guy as N Gin

Dave as Dr. Nefarious Tropy

Wiseguy as Uka Uka

Amy As Rosalina 

Allison as Sonic The Hedgehog(Sonic Boom)(After his voice surgery)

Julie As Kalos's Mom

Kidaroo as Moneybags/Barney Error Barney

Brian as Malefor

Joey As Gnasty Gnorc And Eric The Hedgehog(A pink hedgehog with green eyes, a blue shirt, gray pants, and yellow shoes.)

Eric as Ripto And Steve

Paul as Kalos And Joe

Salli as Jessica Andrews And Cream The Rabbit

Princess as Malefor's Mom And Amy Rose

Kimberly as Ripto's Mom

Kate as Gnasty Gnorc's Mom/Kate Andrews/Sonic The Hedgehog(Sonic Boom)(Before his voice surgery)/Baby Violetta Von Rose The Hedgehog(She is a hedgehog with blue and pink quills, green eyes, a purple dress, and purple shoes.)

Susan As Allison

Kimberly As Blue/Doctor Blue

Ivy As Serenity The Hedgehog(A blue hedgehog with green eyes, a red dress, and red shoes.)