pikapika also known as rainbow sparkels vgcp or  others by her real name sierra. she is a goanimater who joined around 2015 when she was names rainbow sparkels vgxp 

DRAMA: pikapikagirl was in drama around 2017 for crying over little things and making pikapikagirls fanbase attack travis. during that timr she was in a group called underpootis but during around may pikapikagirl was kicked out of the group due to her not listening to the rules and for prank calling migz. after being kicked out she made a rip off called pikapikachat which was the same rules from underpootis. afterwards a imposter or another user in late june made a photo of pikapikagirl beatinng up super sonic brothers (augustine) the photo was sent to zachery then zachery sent it to super sonic brothers. afterwards super sonic brothers asked pikapikagirl to give her her email so she did. later her account got hacked and closed down making pikapikagirl having a new account. today her hatebase strikes and imposter accounts are coming around.

TODAY: pikapikagirl is now doing gaming vids and made up with travis and augustine