Mean Big Sister Is A Canadian-American-British Animated Comedy Television Series Created By DeVario Lopez, and it is Produced By Sichoassdown Productions With Animation Produced By Pipeline Studios and Directed by Scottish-Border Pictures (Season 1) and Awesomeness Pictures (Season 2), Season One Lasted For 30 Episodes Premiering On January 2, 2014 And Ending On July 10, 2014. The Show's Second Season Premiered On July 22, 2014 And Ended On November 13, 2015, Consisting Of 29 Episodes. A Spin-Off Series Titled The Jessica Andrews Show Premiered On February 25, 2016. It aired on The Hub Network and Discovery Family in the US, TVO in Canada, BBC One, Goomerang (closed in 2015), and GoAnimate Network in the UK, and Disney Channel in Australia. It is rated TV-Y7 in US, and it was rated in PG in UK.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Jessica Andrews, The titular "Mean Big Sister"
  • Ashley Andrews, Jessica's younger sister
  • Julie Harris, Jessica's best friend
  • Kate Andrews, Jessica's mother 
  • Jerry Andrews, Jessica's father

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Nathaniel Andrews
  • Heather Campbell
  • Jason Ranford 
  • Amber Larson
  • Kyle Hershowitz
  • Nicole Phillips

Season OneEdit

  • Mean Big Sister Scares The Baby
  • Mean Big Sister Takes The Baby's Toys Away
  • Mean Big Sister Spanks The Baby
  • Mean Big Sister Throws Her Doughnut At The Baby
  • Mean Big Sister Wrecks The Baby's Sand Castle
  • Mean Big Sister Trips The Baby
  • Mean Big Sister Goes To Therapy
  • Mean Big Sister And Friend Run Away For The Day
  • Mean Big Sister Ruins The Baby's Birthday
  • Mean Big Sister Beats Up A Bully
  • The Switcheroo
  • Mean Big Sister Curses At The Baby
  • Mean Big Sister Sues Her Parents, Part I
  • Mean Big Sister Sues Her Parents, Part II
  • Mean Big Sister Breaks The Baby's Baby Bach DVD
  • Mean Big Sister Apologizes To The Baby
  • Mean Big Sister Disrupts Church
  • Mean Big Sister Destroys The Baby's New Toy
  • Mean Big Sister Changes The Baby's Diaper
  • Mean Big Sister Apologizes For Breaking The DVD 
  • Mean Big Sister And Family Go To Chuck E. Cheese's
  • Mean Big Sister Shows The Baby A Scary Doll
  • Mean Big Sister Draws On The Baby's Picture

Season TwoEdit

  • Mean Big Sister Sings The Baby A Lullaby
  • Mean Big Sister Gets Caught Kissing A Boy
  • Mean Big Sister Shows The Baby 'Scary Maze Game'
  • Jessica And Ashley's Timeline
  • The Loose Tooth
  • Mean Big Sister Makes The Baby Sneeze
  • Mean Big Sister Pops The Baby's Balloons
  • Mean Big Sister Gets Her Tonsils Out
  • Mean Big Sister Makes The Baby Cry 10 Days In A Row
  • When The Cat's Away...
  • Flu Shots
  • Jessica Vs. Amber
  • Mean Big Sister Feeds The Baby
  • Yioko Vs. The Pis Man
  • Mean Big Sister Gives The Baby A Lemon
  • Birthday Surprise
  • Bath Time
  • Nightmare At Freddy's
  • Ashley's Reflection
  • Bottle Crisis
  • Ashley's New Friend
  • Bean Boozled
  • Jessica Vs. Amber 2
  • The Lice Problem
  • Befriending Heather
  • The Stay Over
  • And Then There Were Three
  • Meet The MacAllisters
  • Halloween Madness, Part I
  • Halloween Madness, Part II
  • Like A Boss!
  • The Perfect Turkey
  • Nathaniel's Bedtime

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