AF33 AnimationsAfrican VultureAlbert Chmura
Alex KimbleAlthea Andrea's Punishment DayAlvin Hung
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Barney Gets Grounded Because Of His Stupid NameBarney Gets Sent to Bed EarlyBehavior Card Day Videos
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Cookie Monster, Barney, Grover and Elmo cuss in class / groundedCookie Monster Gets Grounded Because Of His Stupid NameCookie Monster Gets Grounded Series
Cookie Monster Gets Sent to Bed EarlyCookie Monster Pushes Spongebob Off the Rooftop / GroundedCouyZ (SpeedyFreakZero)
Dan HammingDan the HandsomeDark Bowser hits Mr Dallas in his head with a rocket and gets grounded
Dark Bowser hits Principal Eric in his head with a rocket and gets groundedDave Olaru Will Send IGUA Members To SerbiaDeVario Lopez
Devario's Cafe and BarDevious Diesel Grounds Gordon/GroundedDiesel Hamming
Digital SharkDina and Nina Flood the Toilets/GroundedDomo Animate
Dr Neo Cortex gets groundedDragon baby disrespects Mr. Baldi / GroundedEmpty
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Eric The RocksterEvil Dora's School MeetingFemale Villains Cuss In Class/Grounded
Fraggle Rock Goanimate versionG PuccioGang and the Bugs attack the dragon shop / Ungrounded
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Jennifer CollinsJerry AndrewsJessica Andrews
Jessica Andrews (TV Series)Jessica Denise AndrewsJohn Andrews
Julie HarrisKP Animation StudiosKarael
Kate AndrewsKeyBirdComedianVEVOLOL
Lawson and the Troublemakers Throw a Dance Party in the Playground Singing Telephone Rock and Get GroundedLisa Simpson misbehaves at the apple store / groundedLoud House
Madame GasketMadame Gasket Escapes from JailMadame Gasket Makes an Earthquake at Her Work
Madame Gasket Plays Super Mario Bros, Beats Up Bigweld and Gets FiredMadame Gasket Smashes Her Computer at Work / FiredMammals17
Mariofan121 (aka Jackson)Mark MacAllisterMean Big Sister
Mokey Fraggle beats up Red Fraggle and gets groundedMomogowiNani Pelekai Misbehaves At Golden Corral And She And Cobra Bubbles Get Grounded
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Peter/PercyPhineas T. RatchetPhineas T. Ratchet's Punishment Day
Phineas T. Ratchet, AGK, Jake and Owen Cuss in Class and Get GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Blows Up the Chop Shop / GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Clones Himself and Gets Grounded
Phineas T. Ratchet Destroys the Buildings / GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Gets ExecutedPhineas T. Ratchet Gets Grounded Because of His Stupid Name
Phineas T. Ratchet Gets His Mom Fired / GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Gets Sent to Bed EarlyPhineas T. Ratchet Goes to Japan / Grounded
Phineas T. Ratchet Kidnaps Angelica Pickles and Melts Her Down for Upgrades and Meat and Gets GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Kidnaps Baron Praxis and Errol and Melts Them Down for Upgrades and Meat and Gets GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Kidnaps Weatherstar4000video and Melts Him Down for Meat and Gets Grounded
Phineas T. Ratchet Kills Cookie Monster (melting him down for meat or upgrades) / GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Kills Elmo (melting him down for meat or upgrades) / GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Kills Super Grover and Gets Grounded
Phineas T. Ratchet Kills Superman and Gets GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Misbehaves On His Way to My Little Pony LivePhineas T. Ratchet Misbehaves at the Babysitter / Melts Him Down for Upgrades and Meat / Disrespect His Funeral / Grounded
Phineas T. Ratchet Misbehaves at the Matchmaker and Gets GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Misbehaves on Moving Day / GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Puts the BSOD on His Mom's Computer / Grounded
Phineas T. Ratchet Throws a Big Party at the Chop Shop / GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Ungrounds SallyJones1998, Kidnaps Mufusa For Beating Up SallyJones1998 and Melts Him Down for Meat and Gets GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet Ungrounds SallyJones1998, Kidnaps Mufusa For Beating Up SallyJones1998 and Throws Him Into His Mom's Melter for Meat and Gets Grounded
Phineas T. Ratchet Watches South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut / GroundedPhineas T. Ratchet hits Mr Dallas in his head with a rocket and gets groundedPhineas T. Ratchet hits Principal Eric in his head with a rocket and gets grounded
Phineas T. Ratchet rants on Taylor Kevinson and gets groundedPhineas T. Ratchet sings Rosin the Beau and gets groundedPhineas T. Ratchet ungrounds Dino and gets grounded
Phineas T. Ratchet ungrounds Penelope and gets groundedPhineas T Ratchet Misbehaves at Burger KingPikapikagirl/GoAnimate Wiki
Rac disrespects Baldi / GroundedRac makes a Roblox account while GroundedRangeltoons (TV series)
Recess enemies (Koreo, Jocko, Buster and Cheay) cuss in class / groundedRecess enemies (Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens) cuss in class / groundedRikky's World
Riz NonnaRoTVRockstar Animations
Satan Gets GroundedSir Topham Hatt Rants : Episode 1: BadanamuSlim wario
SmirksSonhomas gets groundedSonic And Amy's Slumber Party/CJ Mo Gets Grounded
Sonic Gets Ungrounded BIG TIME!Spyro Villains Get GroundedSpyro villains cuss in class / grounded
Steve (Minecraft)SuffixesSuleyman and Alfie (TV series)
Susan JohnsonSusan SaundersTHIS FUCKING WIKI
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