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Katherine "Kate" Andrews (née MacAllister) is Jessica 's mother. She was born in 1982. Her voice is Kate. She is 35 years old and first fell in love with Jerry Andrews in 1999. 

Kate Andrews
Kate Andrews
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born June 25, 1982
Family Information
Children Jessica Andrews (1st Daughter)

Ashley Andrews (2nd Daughter) Nathaniel Andrews (Son) Roxanne MacAllister (Niece) Jack MacAllister (Nephew)

Parents Albert MacAllister

Denise MacAllister

Sibling(s) Mark MacAllister (Brother)

Teresa (Sister) Becky MacAllister (Sister-In-Law)

Other(s) Jerry Andrews (Husband)
Professional Information
Character Information
First Appearance 2012
Last Appearance Current
Portrayed By Herself
Created By Devario Lopez

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