GoAnimate City (also known as GoCity) is a fictional city in North Carolina. The population is about 500 trillion.

History Edit

The city first started in 500000 BC , by the name of "Gomindaur".

Then, in 1918, after World War I, a man named Gen. Nick Mann was elected mayor of the city, and renamed it GoAnimate City. Later, in 1939, World War II started. In 1989, The GoAnimate City Earthquake killed 24 people and injured 4248 more. 32 more people were missing. In 2011, The Cold War invaded GoAnimate City. In 2012, GoAnimate City Lost all of their power for 2 days.

Their military is the GoAnimate Navy and the GoAnimate Army

Their official bands are Kraftwerk and The Wiggles. 

Motorways Edit

There are motorways on the GoAnimate City which was built on his first motorway made by (Cities Skylines in 2016) from 1948 to now

G1 (November 5th 1948-now) Edit

Timeline Edit

"Skylines - Republic of Guy" (November 5th 1948)"

"Adobe Flash City - Skylines (October 29th 1950)"

"Republic of Guy - Maya City (July 23rd 1953)"

G2 (November 2nd 1949-now) Edit

Timeline Edit

"Adobe Flash City - Republic of Guy" (November 2nd 1949)"

"Maya City - Adobe Flash City (November 10th 1955)"

"Maya City - Federation Airport (August 7th 1967)"

G3 (November 4th 1953-now) Edit

Timeline Edit

"Republic of Guy - Federation City" (November 4th 1953)"

G4 (July 9th 1961-now) Edit

Timeline Edit

"Adobe Flash City - Federation City" (July 9th 1961)"

"Republic of Guy - Adobe Flash City" (July 17th 1965)"

G5 (July 9th 1961-now) Edit

Timeline Edit

"Federation City - Republic of Guy" (July 9th 1961)"

"Maya City - Federation City" (July 17th 1984)"

GoFirst Airport Edit

In 1916, the construction of the Airport began. The airplanes travel to Robrand City (as known Robloxian City) and MineParks (as known Minecraft City). They called their own airlines GoFirst Air. After 1957, GoFirst Airport closed at February 3rd, 1957 and replaced by GoAnimate Airport in February 4th 1957. In 1986, The RoAir Flight 332 Lockheed L-1011 crashes on a runway. 43 passengers were killed, while 185 passengers survived.