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Dr Neo Cortex Gets Grounded (Inspired by the AGK Gets Grounded Series)Edit

Dr Neo Cortex Gets Grounded Episodes Edit

Dr Neo Cortex puts a BSOD on Uka Uka's computer / grounded

Dr Neo Cortex Misbehaves on Moving Day and Gets Grounded

Dr Neo Cortex Goes to My Little Pony Live

Uka Uka makes an earthquake at his work

Uka Uka breaks out of jail

Uka Uka smashes his computer at work / fired

Dr Neo Cortex gets grounded and pranked on April Fools Day

Dr Neo Cortex destroys Uka Uka's office / grounded

Dr Neo Cortex kills Cookie Monster and gets grounded

Dr Neo Cortex sees that I have 63 subscribers

Dr Neo Cortex gets his GoAnimate account terminated / grounded

Dr Neo Cortex smashes his keyboard / grounded

Dr Neo Cortex Smashes the Computer from work / fired

Dr Neo Cortex hops inside his computer / grounded


Simon as Dr Neo Cortex

Wiseguy as Uka Uka 

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