Diesel Hamming is Dan Hamming's father and Kimberly Hamming's husband. He used to work at a place called Hrieo Paper until it got destroyed by Dan Hamming by an explosion from a machine called the Hrieo Paper 9,001, which was a machine created by the company. Likes and Dislikes

Likes .Dan Hamming being good .Pie .His job Dislikes .Dan Hamming being bad .Dan Hamming not having a school to go to. .Not having a job


.He is more likely seen more than Dan Hamming's mom Kimberly Hamming. .In the later episodes of Dan Hamming when he says that Dan Hamming is grounded he gets more close to the screen gets effects and changes his voice to Scary Voice he then usually say the F word at that time since that's one the words heard on the videos. .In Dan Hamming Gets Grounded On Father's Day Dan Hamming gets C4 explosives as a prank for his dad and then when Diesel opened it he was shocked and then Dan Hamming ran away since it was about to explode then the C4 blow his hair and eyebrows off which make him bald when seen in a video. .Dan Hamming goes to Blockbuster is the last time Diesel was seen, since the next episode Dan Hamming Runs Away since Dan Hamming runs away from home and out of Miami.